Gucci & Kunst: Italians do it better

Die Marke Gucci schafft es neuerdings, sich nicht nur mit Mode einen Namen zu machen, sondern auch mit Kunst. Und das auf Instagram. 

FOTO: Kebin Lei for Gucci

Gucci hat in den letzten Monaten interessante Maßnahmen ergriffen, um als Marke bei seinen Insta-Followern aufzufallen. Neben einer sehr einzigartigen „Formation“ an tollen Celebrities wie Beyoncé, A$ap Rocky, Chloë Sevigny und Petra Collins zeigt der Chefdesigner und Creative Director der Marke, Alessandro Michele, dass er ein Mann mit Vision ist:

Er hat den Hashtag #guccigram ins Leben gerufen, unter welchem wir Gucci-Kunst betrachten können! Alessandro beschreibt #guccigram als „a starting point to tell different stories, which are all united by a great freedom. Today creativity is often born and finds its voice in digital media, a vital source of digital culture.“

Die neueste Serie, die unter dem Namen „Tian“ läuft, stellt verschiedene Künstler aus dem asiatischem Raum und deren Kunst auf Instagram vor. Die Artworks gibt es außerdem auch hier zu bestaunen. Jetzt verstehen wir auch, woher die Inspiration der SS16 Kampagne kommt…

Gucci & Kunst: Italians do it better.

Kelbin Lei for #GucciGram Tian Cái nhìn mỹ thuật của Kelbin Lei về sự tối giản luôn được trao chuốt và tính toán một cách khéo léo. Thông qua bảng màu đơn sắc của những tông đen, trắng, và xám, anh thể hiện một gu thẩm mỹ xa hoa, một cá tính mạnh mẽ nhưng cũng không kém phần bình dị. Hiện cư ngụ và làm việc tại thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, nhà thiết kế thời trang Việt Nam chăm sóc một cách tỉ mĩ những cập nhật Instagram của mình và đã chứng minh cho mọi người thấy được rằng đôi khi chỉ đơn thuần một chiếc áo đen tay dài và một mái tóc rối bù có chủ đích cũng đủ để tạo nên vẻ ngoài thật cá tính. Giờ đây, bằng cách biến đổi hoạ tiết Gucci Tian vào trong một không gian đối xứng biểu trưng, anh càng khẳng định phong cách thời trang phi giới tính sành điệu, hợp mốt của mình. Khuôn mặt bình yên ở trọng tâm bức ảnh, mắt nhắm hờ hững, được vây quanh bởi những nhánh cây và hoa đầy màu sắc. Sắc đỏ đậm được nổi bật lên phông nền trầm ấm, đem lai nhiệt khí cho bức tranh thanh nhã. — @tatianaberg The aesthetic of Kelbin Lei (@kelbinlei) is one of polished, calculated minimalism. In his muted palette of blacks, whites, and grays, he presents a vision that is at once sumptuous and stark. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, this Vietnamese fashion designer’s meticulously curated Instagram feed proves that a long-sleeved black shirt and a perfectly tousled haircut are enough to reach a seemingly unattainable cool. Here, he has remixed the #GucciTian print into what appears to be an almost symmetrical image that embodies his chic, androgynous style. Pops of deep red stand out against an otherwise subdued color scheme, bringing a little heat to this starkly elegant world. — @tatianaberg See more #GucciGram through link in bio.

Ein von Gucci (@gucci) gepostetes Foto am

Jaesuk Kim for #GucciGram Tian Japanese woodblock print artists pictured what they called “the floating world”—a diaphanous place of ephemeral beauty and poetry that they found in the city’s pleasure districts. The Korea and Australia-based artist Jaesuk Kim (@jaesukkim) depicts a similar world, but one that is even more literally floating and fleeting. Kim mixes classic fashion illustration with added innovations, experimenting with textures taken from the real world. This works particularly well with Kim’s #GucciTian remix, which depicts a tree blooming with Tian motifs, a monkey and a woman stretched out on a Tian Padlock bag, peacefully contemplating the beauty around her. — @kchayka See more #GucciGram through link in bio. Ein von Gucci (@gucci) gepostetes Foto am


  Teresa Lim for #GucciGram Tian The world of Singaporean artist Teresa Lim (@TeeTeeHeeHee) is an unapologetically feminine playground awash in pastel palettes and female figures across the embroidery canvases where her creations come to life. But the feminine and the strong are never mutually exclusive in her collection of embroidery. “The image in mind that I had was to portray not just beauty, but an air of nonchalance and power,” the artist says. The playful but self-assured girls of her work take center stage in her #GucciTian remix that places young female caricatures in a center surrounded by delicate flowers, an intentional juxtaposition of the artist’s signature portrayal of the youthful and feminine with the more mature, tranquil beauty of the print. — @alanakm See more #GucciGram through link in bio   Ein von Gucci (@gucci) gepostetes Foto am

„The new #GucciTian print reaches deep into the history of art, finding inspiration in delicate ancient Chinese ‚Bird-and-Flower‘ paintings. These works expressed the Daoist ideal of harmony with nature, presenting a perfect balance between action and stillness. The Tian print is Gucci’s tropical take. Hummingbirds and butterflies sketched in fine calligraphic lines float above a landscape of tree branches and flower blooms, all set against the iconic GG Supreme pattern. Rather than a clash, the House’s new print represents a confluence of cultures as creative barriers around the world break down in the era of the Internet. For the second #GucciGram project curated by creative director #AlessandroMichele, Asian artists including Cao Fei, Cheng Ran, Kelbin Lei, Jaesuk Kim, and Yoshito Hasaka create their own versions of the Tian print, an education in digital cultural syncretism.“ — @kchayka. See all the talents of the new #GucciGram project through link in bio. Ein von Gucci (@gucci) gepostetes Foto am

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